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A cracked or broken tooth can be stressful, to say the least. At Cynthia L. Graves, we can restore broken or decayed teeth with dental crowns in Austin. Best of all, Dr. Graves can complete the entire procedure in a single visit.

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What Is a Single Visit Crown?

A crown is a “cap” made of composite resin that fits over your damaged tooth. It improves strength, shape, color and/or size while blending in to look just like a natural tooth.
The most common reasons a patient may need a dental crown include:

  • Protection and strengthening – for a broken, weak or damaged tooth
  • Cosmetic purposes – such as improving a tooth’s shape or size
  • Tooth replacement – when used with a dental implant or bridge

Traditional crowns take several visits to get just right but, using advanced CEREC® CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing) technology, Dr. Graves can build your custom-crown while you wait.
First, she takes a three-dimensional, digital picture of your tooth using a sophisticated and highly accurate laser wand. Using CEREC® software, we design a crown that looks just like your natural tooth. Next, our in-house equipment mills your new crown. Once complete, Dr. Graves ensures that you get the correct fit and feel for a smile that’s as good as new.

Only The Best

Dr. Graves is more than just a provider, she’s a certified CEREC® Basic Trainer. She trains and supervises other dentists who offer CEREC® technology. With Dr. Graves’ experience and our patient-focused approach to dentistry, you couldn’t ask for better care.
Why Choose a Single Visit Crown?
Cynthia L. Graves, DDS, offers CEREC® technology so that we can provide:

  • Convenience: You won’t have to wear a temporary crown or wait weeks for a lab to deliver your ideal crown.
  • Quality: Benefit from same-day color corrections and digitally-enhanced precision and accuracy, for a perfect, personalized fit.
  • Accuracy: You desire the best results for your smile. Digital dentistry enhances the precision and accuracy that goes into building a long-lasting dental crown.
cynthia graves family dentist austin texas cerec crown

If you find yourself with a cracked or broken tooth, call our office in Austin, TX at (512)-258-8001 to schedule an appointment. We’ll fit you with a custom, metal-free crown that will have you smiling confidently on your way home.

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